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Customer Service

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High Quality Telesales

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Lead Generation Services

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HealthCare Services

Customer Service:

At Uvertecch we have the people, systems and experience to deliver innovative and customer-focused contact centre solutions. With combined management experience of more than 20 years, we’ve now been specializing in inbound customer management and that’s why leading companies choose us to manage their customer relationships. From sales enquiries to billing and help desk services, we’re an extension of your brand that offers exceptionally high customer service solutions.

Our Core Customer Service Areas:

  1. Manage Inbound or Outbound customer care requirement.
  2. Delivery of client-centric call centre solutions.
  3. Enhance your customer experience through our quality program and customer insights.
  4. Delivery of your brand essence on each and every call.

Inbound/Outbound Sales:

It’s our goal to deliver sales but yet, we don’t just deliver sales. We deliver exceptional Customer Acquisition that tends to generate long term lasting relationships between you and your customer. We know how to engage ourselves so as to drive profitable and long term customer acquisition for you.

Whether it be Inbound sales, Outbound sales, Customer retention or Cross-sell and Upsell, the contact centre team at iMetrix Solutions has the experience to offer a high quality service that gets results. This is achieved through needs based selling that generates loyal customers and a greater share of their wallet for you.

Our Sales Expertise:

  1. Provide ongoing Inbound sales, Cross-sell and retention services.
  2. Efficiently establish outbound sales campaigns within a shorter span of time.
  3. Provide robust technology and campaign management system so as to maximize results.
  4. Add intelligence and management experience to your sales activities for long term benefits.

Lead Generation Services – B2B/B2C:

The growth of any company is highly dependent on a steady flow of qualified sales leads. Today’s customers are well informed and therefore make much smarter moves when it comes to decision making. Their buying decisions are far more educated than ever before. This not only provides new challenges but also new opportunities for companies such as ours.

To consistently outperform, we hire and retain some of the most skilled, experienced and motivated English-proficient Lead Generation staff. All our Lead Generation staff undergo comprehensive training prior to being deployed on the project.

Realizing the sensitivity of leads for our clients, we use leading dialer and lead management systems that enable real-time submission and verification of lead prospects thereby turning them into qualified customers for our valued clients.

We currently provide B2C Lead Generation services for some reputed clients from the following verticals:

  • Health & Prescription Services
  • Home Security Services
  • Mortgage & Loans
  • Satellite, Cable & Internet

For B2B, we currently provide the following services:

  • Market Research
  • Pre-sales, Lead Generation
  • Customer Acquisition

Healthcare Services:

Business decision makers understand that providing world-class Healthcare Support Services and Patient Care is no more a luxury ticket item but a mission-critical step towards maintaining high patient-care satisfaction and customer retention levels.

Uvertecch realizes the special requirements needed to provide world-class Healthcare Support services and therefore deploys its most well trained and empathetic Customer-savvy, English proficient, patient and intuitive agents to assist customers in need real-time. Our Healthcare Support services are powered by the latest contact center technologies and are ‘multi-channel’ in nature. 

A major focus of healthcare service providers and medical use today is on prevention rather than treatment. Medical companies and services are looking to an outcome-based model which rewards Healthcare Support Service companies like us for the end result of their services and encourages better quality and efficiency.

Our Healthcare Support associates are experts in helping customers solve any queries or issues that arise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days throughout.

Delivering a well-customized range of services that focuses on the patient is quickly become the go-to path for success in this industry.

We’re focused on providing our customer with out of this world services